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Loki of Asgard
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  • "(As long as you're alright with it.) Loki Laufeyson Thor/The Avengers"
  • "(I have one, but if you want it, I'll give it to you, since you had the account first.)"
  • God of THUNDER
    "I do not require support from you anyway."
  • Well then...
    "Of course he did. He was an idiotic old man, anyway. Something was going to slip all along. It was just a matter of when."
  • Well then...
    "He did an excellent job of mucking that up. e-e"
  • Well then...
    "He turned on me without a second thought, threw me in a cage to rot. No poetry intended, but now that I think about it, I do possess the sk..."
  • Well then...
    "watch that s--- online you need to see it and the dark world while you're at it"
  • Well then...
    "They're not my family. e-e I'm adopted."
  • Well then...
    "My "family" has spurned me since the day I was born. Thor towered over me no matter what I did. Odin gave that arrogant fool the throne wh..."
  • Well then...
    "up. I meant up."
  • Well then...
    "Oh, shut u, you mewling quim. As if I need your pity. I am Loki! I am the king of Asgard! I am inferior to no one. Not my "father" and ..."
  • Well then...
    "Nowhere to be found. Now kneel."
  • Well then...
    "Be mindful of how you speak of me, peasant."
  • "*comes back for the fun of it* So, Loki, let's talk business."
  • "You can deal with the rabble. You were here first, after all. *disappears*"

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