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  • Solar Eclipse
    "She 'ain't Ethel, mac, so quit bullying her, or I'll fetch me wolf pack to come and rip ye apart Need help, ya Eclipse? "
  • All of My Alts
    "This be when me wants to use thee acceent, or when I want to beat someone up but keeping silent! >:D"
  • Warrior Cats - Rogues
    "Juneau lifted her paw from the lake's surface lightly, feeling the glistening drops dappled around her paw. Her sides steadily heaving, she ..."
  • Solar Eclipse
    "What be goin' on here, eh?"
  • It's raining
    "Didn't I tell y'all not to be callin' me that cheap 'ol nickname, eh?"
  • Meow
  • Meow
    "Hey, Little Kitty. How you be doin', today?"
  • Solar Eclipse
    "DON'T. CALL. ME. WOLFIE!!!!!"
  • Solar Eclipse
    "Lemme tell ya' somethin'..."
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Friends! :D
  • Solar Eclipse
    "Eh? What be goin' on in this lil' group? Who be carin' if someone hates us, eh?"
  • Alt Roleplay
    ""'Aight, fine," LittleWolfgang growled. "But if this be happenin' 'gain, then I'll be teachin' 'em to respect what I desire!" She paused for..."
  • Wolf Gangs
    "Ya' do be havin' a point there, eh? Fine, we'll be havin' it your way, then."
  • Wolf Gangs
    "Y'all have cheap 'ol names, don't ya'? Why ain't ya' callin' me by my real name, eh?"

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