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  • Some what a trend
    "Ok so just fill this out- Name: Sarah Favorite genre of music:Anything but country. Favorite song: I love music"
  • "^He's correct."
  • Woah wtf man.
    "Overdosed on sleep pills earlier and damn. XD I could barely stand. After a few minutes, I couldn't even talk."
  • "Can barely feel heart sound"
  • "I'm junior now holla at mah playa."
  • "Haven't seen any light, Wouldn't want to want to anyways. But sometimes this dark makes me get anxiety I'll be okay, so"
  • Hi.
  • Hi.
    "We're nth girls lmao. XD"
  • Hi.
    "I have flats at my dad's so on Sunday night I'll take the flats to my mom's and wear my new skirt. Dunno which one, either grey one or plaid..."
  • Hi.
    "*bosses What is wrong w/ me."
  • I will draw
  • NYA
    "Maybe it's just because of the lighting though. XD Honestly, I have no idea what color my eyes are sometimes."
  • NYA
    "*flaunts blue eyes*"

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