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  • My Thread
    "hey, for a pet name think of ru-bear"
  • My thread -_^
    "listen you guys need to woek this out or break up! Most likely break up or this will go on forever! And you will bolth be miserible, im not ..."
  • Sex chat
    "i gotta go baby *kisses you* hope your on tomarow *puts clothes on sexily*"
  • Sex chat
    "oh wow your good at this! *screams in pain but likes it*"
  • Sex chat
    "oh harder harder"
  • Sex chat
    "Oh my god thats how we f---"
  • Sex chat
  • Sex chat
    "*opens legs* give it to me"
  • Sex chat
    "i wnt it!"
  • So many hormones.
    "sup, and im not so shure she is"
  • So many hormones.
    "r u searious?"
  • ugh
    "i want a cooki"
  • So many hormones.
    "ugh "
  • So many hormones.
    "ugh we had cyber sex?"
  • So many hormones.
    "so im a mystery woman huh? *chuckles* geek its so funny even you couldent figuire it out!"

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