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  • Hi
    "Name: Adriana Gender: Female Age:i wanna know yours first Personality: kind sweet swears a bit and can be a little mean"
  • Hi
    "Cool I'll tell you bout me"
  • warriors roleplay
    "Ginger mask got up and bit screeche's neck then escaping out of the cave but screeche got up and followed him."
  • Hi
    "Nothing.Can you tell me bit 'bout yourself and if you have any other accounts?"
  • Hi
    "Aw ya"
  • This is Doglovergirl
    "Br0wnnie:thank you!"
  • "Sorry I know I'm not supposed to be here but what about your favorite quote?"
  • This is Doglovergirl
    "Hi guys."
  • warriors roleplay
    "(Nvm and ok also this is dlg on a different account) "with you?NEVER(sarcasm)"he said getting up."

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