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  • "Chance Made by Spice"
  • Losing Hope and Sleep
    "I'm gonna sleep now, good night :)"
  • Losing Hope and Sleep
  • Tat
    "Luka bit his lip. "Okay. Take care, Miss Tessa. He smiled kindly and pulled the reins on Mallow. "Goodbye." Mallow galloped away, with Luka ..."
  • Living in a Fantasy
    "Ariawyn pursed her lips. "Better than then being ripped apart limb from limb." She yawned. "Try to get some sleep." Then she curled up in th..."
  • Tat
    "Luka swallowed. "I know what losing loved ones is like. I lost my mother when I was a child, and my older brothers soon after. I know that n..."
  • "All of it"
  • Tat
    "Luka's eyes widened. "Oh. I see." He paused to consider. "If you help me, I'll see to it that you and your family remain safe." He tilted hi..."
  • Tat
    "Luka paused. "Why? You cannot help me?" He winced slightly and touched his hand to his side. It came away red. He forced a smile. "Perhaps a..."
  • Tat
    "Luka followed her gaze. "I don't quite think I can," he gestured to his chest, which was bloodied by the bear's claws. "It doesn't hurt very..."
  • Tat
    ":D)) Luka nodded. "I was confused. My horse ran." He looked around. "Have you seen him?" Luka braced himself against a tree and"
  • Tat
    "Luka shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "Wait a moment. You're not Celestia!" He frowned. "The bear. Oh..." He blinked. "I..."
  • Living in a Fantasy
    ""Oh!" Ariawyn exclaimed. "Right. I wanted to stay here for the night. I don't think you could handle the trolls.""

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