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  • Don't mind me.
    "Number of quizzes: 6"
  • Um..
    "*yawns, appearing behind Dark, almost tripping over her and falling flat on face* *waves* Name...called...who the hell"
  • "Eheh. Sure you are. Sure you will. Dark: Why nooot?"
  • "*shoved in while eating olives*, hello. Dark: ..Okay. And...Let's all go get some coffee and teeeaaa"
  • Screw it.
  • I can~?
    "*disappears LIKE MAGIC*"
  • I can~?
    "I dunno, can you~? *opens eyes*"
  • My first quiz!
    "Jill: This is my Roleplaying account. >.>'"
  • I can~?
    "I'm finishing this. ^-^ *like a boss, pulls the trigger* Dark: *DIES*"
  • My first quiz!
    "Jill: I'm John Adams. :D"
  • I can~?
    "*points gun at Dark's head, almost more cheerfully than the last time* And you won't save yourself? Dark: ;~; "
  • My first quiz!
    "Jill: I WANTED CATO. Dark: ;~;"

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