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  • Anyone wanna RP as MCYT?
    "``Oh, uh, I could show you if you'd like,`` Grayson said, looking over to Illumina. ``It's pretty easy, all you have to do is learn the chor..."
  • Kris, come here.
    "(gosh, i feel like I was being a bother, asking u to RP T^T) Jo nodded, pulling her hair down from its ponytail and brushing a hand th"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "dat's cool, i'd like to pet sit someone's cat. and i'm doin' good, hru? ALSO, IM V PROUD OF MYSELF CUS I LEARNED JUBILEE LINE ON"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "gm! and that v sad that the kitty has to go bye bye TuT"
  • Yanderes Within Us
    "If anyone needs a love interest, I can be one, I don't mind."
  • Yanderes Within Us
    "Alr. Uh, I guess my love interest/senpai could be @Eggaly since they said they don't mind it."
  • "M'kay!"
  • "Alrighty, who's gonna start the RP?"
  • "When are we thinkin' of starting the RP? Just wondering, lol"
  • "Alrighty. Name: Jo Jacobs Age: 25 Gender: Female Appearance: Medium wavy brown to blonde faded hair, tan-ish "
  • "Quick question, since I'm C2 and C2 is a military hero, is there like a certain age I should make my char? originally, my char is 18, but i ..."
  • "M'kay, and ty!"
  • Yanderes Within Us
    "kk lmao"
  • Yanderes Within Us
    "Ah, alright. I guess, uh, who wants to be mah senpai? lol. i'm open to being anyone's love interest, too."
  • "This seems very interesting so could I maybe snag a part? Is yes, I'd like maybe C2, but any is fine."

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