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Joined on Aug 23, 2012
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  • You know what's weird?
    "That's why there's a difference between directioners and directionators. Directioners don't pick favorites and least favorites out of the ba..."
  • Favorite song?
    "Never Say Never- Justin Bieber."
  • OMFG
    "Are you in high school already? Aww, I'm still in Year 6, which is primary school where I live."
  • No Subject
    "Hi BTRfreak! I'm Kitty. And of course you can play! For truth: Have you ever peed your pants in public?"
  • No Subject
    "I haven't been on (the forums) long enough to know anybody. So I don't have a crush on here."
  • "I attend a Catholic school, and our motto is: "Love one another as I loved you." I do love all of my friends, my kitten and my mum, but that..."
  • No Subject
    "Sure! You start. And I pick Truth."
  • No Subject
    "I'm going to a buffet soon. How about you?"
  • No Subject
  • Favorite Color
    "Purple and hot pink."

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