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  • "My friend does. It is f---in crazy sleepin in that house"
  • phone numbers
    "Yeah, this is a little late but I dunno I'm bored and wanna text someone so if you see this text me,9792217017...I have unlimited textin."
  • Class of 2013
    "Yeah go class of 2013!"
  • my dare!!
    "Bye scooter!!"
  • my dare!!
    "Oh that sounds like fun,lol. And yes kitty!*jumps into van*"
  • my dare!!
    "I just want the skittles. Is there a puppy to pet also?"
  • my dare!!
    "What kinda candy?"
  • my dare!!
    "Email the picture, is it as funny as the mohawk?"
  • my dare!!
    "Thats f---in awesome"
  • my dare!!
    "=O its a pedo bear!"
  • my dare!!
    "Nah you can scream And is scooter leavin?"
  • my dare!!
    "That is very mean=( And BMTH why are you screamin?"
  • my dare!!
    "I'm sunburned. Which means I wont be so dang white anymore XD"
  • my dare!!
    "=0 what?!"
  • my dare!!
    "Scooter, scooter, scooter, Hi=D lol"

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