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  • I need a thread
    "(magic this is dark btw; im doing s--- rn)"
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  • Please ignore this
    "We should all talk to each other while doing this. It's boring just blank posting, you know."
  • Meet My OCs v.1
    "Ah.. Hello there. I'm.. Er.. 87."
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  • I know.
    "*smirks, eyes shining behind glasses* *holds him back with one hand* You should learn by now she's a monster. She was"
  • I don't care.
    "Kass: *blinks* That's new."
  • "So adorable uuu."
  • I don't care.
    "Kass: *appears next to a tree, eyes black, twirls and kicks it down with demonic force, happily watching it fall down with a thump* *reappea..."
  • I know.
    "You can't detach a head without proper tools like this. *glinting little dagger in his hand shimmers brighter, holds it up to"
  • I don't care.
    "Kass: Would anyone miss a tree?"
  • I know.
    "I'm afraid not. *wraps arm around her waist* Dark: *fighting to get his hands off* ~ "
  • *stays silent*
    "And why should I leave her alone? You seemed to want to give her to the hunters, last I checked. Born with an Ace of Hearts. I'm quite sure ..."
  • *stays silent*
    "Let me think about it... *pauses, a smirk forming on lips* No. I'm coming close to going inside of their littl"

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