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  • "*stands up, ready to use quirk* I will blow you sky high if you don't shut up."
  • I need good names
  • I need good names
    "Says who?"
  • I need good names
  • I need good names
    "Name it after me! I'm going to be the best hero ever after all! It will be destined for greatness! Katsuki Bakugou Jr.!"
  • "*falls from a portal* OW! DAMNIT! Ugh- WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!? WHY AM I HERE!?"
  • What is your name?
    "The name's Katsuki Bakugou To become the number one hero. Surpass All Might. Orange."
  • U.A. RP
    "What are you gonna do about it? You're nothing but a useless extra. A pebble in my path to greatness."
  • U.A. RP
    "Ice? So you're half of that icy-hot b----?"
  • U.A. RP
    "U.A.? You think you are worthy of U.A. you filthy extras?"

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