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  • Heph's thread
  • Heph
    "Tough luck. You're over 4,000 years old. Grow up and act like a damn civilized individual for once."
  • Heph
    "Quit being such a kid."
  • Heph
    "No. I don't. I don't enjoy cleaning blood off my lawn and picking up the entrails you left scattered in the bushes. f---ing hell."
  • Heph
    "I know we're demons, but we're not savages. Quit it. I knew half the heads!"
  • Heph
    "Stop leaving severed heads on my doorstep what is wrong with you?"
  • Heph
    "f---. You."
  • "Heph: Depends on the kind of busy. Paperwork busy is not good."
  • herro.
    "*ice can't even touch her, melts as soon as it gets within four feet, glares* I understand you attack before you think, like a reckle"
  • "Heph: I've been busy, very busy. But good."
  • herro.
    "That's a load of bulls--- and we both know it, mutt."
  • "Heph: So, Naruto, how have you been~? *can't stand silence*"
  • Karma's a Demon
    "[I'd like to point out that this title is true, and wish you well on your roleplay endeavour.]"
  • "Punishing people is boring though.:I"
  • I made a big mistake
    "Keep telling yourself that. Ashiel sends his regards."

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