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  • Blizzard & Me.
  • No Title but
    "Thanks! Name: Akiarah Shekovial Nickname: Aki, Star, Shiv Age: 18 Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian"
  • No Title but
    "Maybe me?"
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "All around me are familiar faces!! Yeah. Yeah, mom, he dumped me. No, no. I'll be fine. Yeah. Yeah, "
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "Okay... Now I'm worried about Blizz.... Are they okay?"
  • "The spirit shook faer head to clear it. "Oh. You did say that.""
  • The Dark Kingdom
    "Oh my... I will never remember these names...."
  • Oi Curo.
    "Okay! Goodnight!)"
  • Emo! Come hither!
    "Devin purred loudly, half asleep already. "Sakura? Do I seem normal?" They asked quietly."
  • Oi Curo.
    ""You were scratching them. I just want to make sure you're okay." Devin whispered, smiling sweetly."
  • The Dark Kingdom
    "Oh, hi! I'm Karl! Nice to meet you. Are you really dating Rei?"
  • Oi Curo.
    ""You okay?" He asked in concern. "I'm glad you feel better, but what's wrong with your ears?""
  • Emo! Come hither!
    "Devin pushed against her, purring loudly. "Can we go lay down? I- I'm tired again...""
  • The Dark Kingdom
    "Who is this ... Mako, anyway?"
  • Oi Curo.
    "He led Sakura down to the front desk and checked her out of the hospital. When they got outside he smiled at her. "How do you feel?" He aske..."

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