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  • "wish i was as consistent as you. but whats your purpose here?"
  • Jeeshan
    "sent you a req, not even sure if its you. my discord is jshxn please add me whenever you get some time"
  • Jeeshan
    "lemme try the password hint page. i am gonna send you a request on discord. as far as a i remember, i got busy and never went through with m..."
  • "another oldbie"
  • Tiny Squee
    "for some weird reason it makes sense to me"
  • Tiny Squee
    "Why'd you name it tiny squee tho?"
  • Tiny Squee
    "Hah you're too sweet. All I need to do is beg Jill, fall on her feet and ask her to give me my account back. If she can still r"
  • "i made my og acc in 2015 so around 8 years, lessgooo"
  • Tiny Squee
    "You gotta give me one of your accounts, the newbie time limit is annoying. I used to be an Expert! Now look at me! *wails*"
  • Tiny Squee
    "And there you are. The close friend."
  • Hi!
    "Woah. My awkward fingers haven't changed. Lmao this is hilarious. Sooo, hey guys! I used to be a dude called Jeeshan and used t"
  • Hi!
  • BBCodes Combinations

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