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  • "that's an awesome idea. could you please do mine?"
  • ":)"
  • Little by Little
    "this fits her"
  • Testing
  • Little by Little
  • Flame en Yon rp
    "Flame stood up and walked over to Slantro. He was about to start talking but class started, and he had to sit down. The rest of the class we..."
  • Childe Supremacy
    "Ya, I have a Chinese friend who lived there for like 9 years (he's 14) and still visits China occasionally and he has better English than me..."
  • ellie-x-jill
    "Blake grinned and waited for Maddison to get high enough up so he wouldn't mess up her ascent, then started climbing after her."
  • Little by Little
    "oh, you did? I can see why, it's a rlly pretty picture :D how are you?"
  • Little by Little
    "awww I forgot about this one pretty"
  • Little by Little
  • Little by Little
    "aw cats i was tryna get them all together lol lets try again"
  • Little by Little
    "Four (my favorite nature alt :))"
  • Little by Little
    "So we've got so far... AmethystMoon AmberFlame JadeMeadow SapphireOcean Now all I need is... Gold"
  • Little by Little
    "Ty Cham :D Hopefully, we can get our second win this season"

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