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  • "Need to go guys. Bye."
  • "Hello 6 6 sick,I remember you. Nice to meet you,Kenz."
  • "I believe we never met before. You can just call me Ireland. Ireland is also my real name is real life. Weird,right?"
  • "Darn typo,lol. I'm not Im. I hate typos. Dumb keyboard. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT??? And I'm yelling at my keyboard..."
  • "How is everyone? If you forget who I am,Im Biance's friend in real life."
  • Hello!
    "Brb guys,I heard the doorbell ring. Might be Biance."
  • Hello!
    "Whenever me or Biance try to tell a teacher something like that then he just grabs me or Haileigh and just does something cruel. "
  • Hello!
    "There was really no win or lose. Well,there's this kid that bullys Biance and today I saw him slam her fingers in between two desk and I wen..."
  • Hello!
    "My day was...awesome and somebody got into a fight with me."
  • "No offience Vampire you know alot about her? You need to know lots of information about them and stuff but if you don't then that s..."
  • I got a puppy!
    "I'm gonna go guys 'cause Biance might actually come to my house. I gotta be prepared..."
  • I got a puppy!
    "Ouch,that really hurt,the fact that I'm miles away."
  • I got a puppy!
    "Her name is Cara! I got her today."
  • Hello!
    "I know you're bored Biance..."
  • Hello!
    "Yeah Haileigh there is... 1.Me 2.Haileigh 3.Bunnies 4.Vampire 5.Katie 6.VegeKaka"

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