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  • Hi guys
    "I would never! I missed you too! I'm down for whatever :)"
  • Hi guys
  • Hi guys
    "Hey Mac and sorry got really busy with some drama last night and had a party today and that's great.!"
  • Hi guys
    "*laughs grinning* Just letting y'all know I will be on all night a little bit later and a lot more often but I got to go right now, b"
  • Hi guys
    "Hiiii!! Omg it's been so long"
  • Hi guys
    "I miss yalllll, any role plays just hmu"
  • Anyone up for one?
    "Hi, how’ve you been? Also sorry I’ve been at a couple parties"
  • Anyone up for one?
    "*grins and squeals*"
  • Anyone up for one?
    "Lol, I used to stay up to like three am just to reply because I enjoyed it so much. I missed this site :( but luckily I’ll like never forget"
  • Anyone up for one?
    "Hope y’all havent forgot me :) also just FYI my writing is SOOO much better :)"
  • Horses new thread
    "Damn it’s been a hot minute since I was last on here 😂"
  • "Good good, wbu"
  • "Yes, Draco is right, I have recently become a vegetarian and it works WONDERS!"
  • "I play softball and volleyball at the moment"
  • "damn its been a while"

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