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  • all hail flanders
    "Shut up Flanders!"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Sorry Sir I didn't notice what day it is."
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Must get to work on time"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "8:59! D'oh! I have 1 minute to get to work."
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Mmmm donuts"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Can I have a large bag of donuts?"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "I will stop off at the Kwik E Mart on the way"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "No I'm not Marge Anyway I have to go to work now. Love you Marge"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "D'oh! Nothing Marge."
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Homer's brain: I'll go to the Kwik E Mart on the way Homer: Just make sure Marge doesn't find out"
  • Mmmm donuts
  • Mmmm donuts
    "D'oh! I only have 10 minutes to get to work."
  • Mmmm donuts
    "Relax, it's Sunday"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "*screams* Marge?"
  • Mmmm donuts
    "mmmm beer"

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