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  • The skyward bar
  • The skyward bar
    "Your name is ravager?"
  • The skyward bar
    "Cool! "
  • So
  • One word story
  • "Quizmaster12345. Hes so mean! Which user is the oldest here?"
  • So
    "In addition to the first post, this account is an extent of my personality, and I'll be in it when I kina need a break"
  • The skyward bar
    "I said hi So this is a bar??"
  • So
    "Oh i see I'm sorry that she isn't on anymore 8("
  • The skyward bar
  • So
    "Oh Does anyone on the forums know anyone else in real life???"
  • So
    "Wait you KNOW him??? Real life???"
  • So
    "Maybe it doesn't work on newb accounts!!"
  • So
    "No tell us when quizmaster1234 comes onto the forums"
  • So
    "Can you tell me and quiznoob12345?"

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