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  • Mom..
    "You need to leave your room. *little whine* Please.. Dark: No! ~ Asuska: *w"
  • "You don't understand, do you? *laughs softly, then breaks into insane laughter* I don't want anyone else to have h"
  • "*inhales* Just do what you have to. ~ Levi: No.. *weak laugh* W-We haven't talked enough for him to"
  • For Cat-Girly!
    "Jamie: *GASPS* *hand over heart* Y-You're offensive! Renjin: I like this man already. *smirks to Jamie* Ilya: *sm"
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  • I...I am a knight.
    "Dairi: *blinks, and looks down at Issun* *slowly drops down, staring up at her* ..Hmph."
  • Vrrrrrrrrrrroooom!
    "Dark: *narrows eyes at him* ..No. No candy. *shadows set her down in front of them* *kneels* Mom, stop "
  • I...I am a knight.
    "Dairi: *balances on the ribbon, looking over at Issun* *then looks at her, smiling* I don't need to understand. *dashes towards her*"
  • Vrrrrrrrrrrroooom!
    "Dark: *releases the bird, climbing up further into the tree* Mom, come down. Dark: No! Leave me alone! "
  • I...I am a knight.
    "Dairi: *jolts back, eyes wide* *looks at her* *and his eyes turn red* Why you..! You're the one attacking this kingdom in the first place! *..."
  • Vrrrrrrrrrrroooom!
    "Dark: *has climbed up a tree and is playing with a bird* ..Is she eating it? Dark: *purring and talking to the"
  • I...I am a knight.
    "Dairi: Is she.. Not in the building? Does that mean Heph is okay?"
  • Vrrrrrrrrrrroooom!
    "..Well, we need to get her before someone else does. Follow me! *starts jogging towards her*"
  • Vrrrrrrrrrrroooom!
    "*sighs, running hand through hair* ..She did that to herself. Everyone suddenly.. Disappeared. She can't find her adopted chi"

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