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  • "And the vanity award of the week goes to..."
  • "And there I sat all heavy hearted. Tried to s---post, but only farted."
  • Confessions Here
    "It's not that I really hate this website, it's that I dislike the attitudes of the people here. Logic and coherency isn't deemed important h..."
  • I have a problem.
    "~Johnny Depp"
  • just for you
    "First paragraph: Wow, you're your own God. Never heard that one before. And if a book has to be interpreted by an individual, doesn't"
  • "You're cute kid."
  • I have a problem.
    "I would suggest sticking with your current boyfriend. I've been the guy in that situation, and I can't even begin to explain how much it hur..."
  • "I mentioned one, Vic. "the stage""
  • just for you
    "So those countless millions of dedicated believers who were slaughtered all throughout history just didn't believe hard enough? Your God wou..."
  • just for you
    "So an all powerful, all knowing, all loving God couldn't prove that there is goodness everywhere without the violent and brutal deaths of co..."
  • "touche'. My revision was flawed. Change the workshop from art to crafts."
  • "Welcome to the delima of GTQ."
  • Somebody.
  • Fights suck
    "Make a thread to vent. Have to bump it twice and the only response I get isn't even on subject. This is why I quit coming he"
  • Fights suck
    "I want it to die before she gets on. That and she rarely checks offbeat. So I don't want it sitting there on the first page for days at a ti..."

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