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  • "Brooklyn: Why not? The invitations have to be hand penned. Brooklyn: That'll take forever.. "
  • She is pretty..
    "Janette: We are not putting her in dresses, Harriett. Rosemary: She's not a doll.. Brooklyn: I don't see why"
  • Bite me.
    "Rosemary: Trust me, at current, I wouldn't mind. Travins: Girls.. It's not my fault, honestly."
  • We've looked..
    "Iann: I know, buddy. ... Elacie: Get him a girl...? ... Maurice: NO!"
  • "Why is everyone making me out to be the bad guy..? Dylan: ..Harriett. You killed all your siblings. How are you not the bad "
  • "Hey guys, look~ Isn't my mom sexy?"
  • He's an ass..
    "Brooklyn: I told you it would end like this. He.. I can't.. I HATE MEN. *foot stomp* *softly* "
  • Mom, please..
    "Angel: *ignores, casually stirring drink* *eyes on book* *hands up* Moooooom! ;w; We need to go.. C'mon, get"
  • Well..
    "Abel: No. Just say yeeesssss. I can't. I'll get in trouble. And Mom'll get mad. Abel: BUT I WANNA MEET HER. *"
  • Well...
    "She got mushroom and pineapple pizza once.. Dylan: I hate pineapples. :I Brooklyn: And I'm allergic to mushr"
  • Jana, don't..
    "Janette: You're sick. e-e You liked your cousin! You could at least try to understand. Janette: He's not my "
  • "Brooklyn: But it would woooooork. Janette: No it wouldn't. :I Dylan: It miiiiight. Viper: Bu"
  • "Janette: Then I would have died. But I didn't. So. *le cuddling a small child* And Iann wanted to test it, anyway. ..You're "
  • ...DUCHE. YOU CAN'T-
    "Iann: Harriett. Stop screaming- I'm telling Daddy! He'll make you stay! You can't leave. Iann: I need to, kid"
  • "Dylan: SHE'S SICK SHE'S GONNA DIE. D: IANN DO SOMEHING. CPR. ...I'm not sick. And I'm not gonna die, dammit. Calm down. "

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