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  • Famous People
    "Hikaru Katsu- Famous for his Old Greg comedy, and for being here the longest on GTQ. I Like Music- Famous for her writing an"
  • Important Notice
    "Underneath the GoToQuiz category."
  • GTQ Scope is kenz.
    "This is getting boring. I'm going to write a new story. Please excuse me"
  • GTQ Scope is kenz.
    "Kenz what are you doing. Please sweetie don't be sarcastic. It will ruin your chance of being famous jk"
  • GTQ Scope is kenz.
    "Kenz wouldn't make a juicy GTQ SCOPE ARTICLE. No offense, but it's the truth."
  • GTQ Scope is kenz.
  • GTQ Scope is kenz.
    "I am not Kenz. I've been here since June. Well I didn't make an account but still."
  • "No I am not Bunnies. If I were Kenz I wouldn't have made you famous instead her her. "
  • "If Kenz was me, then she would be famous. But she's not.. yet."
  • "Kenz you're one of the popular people on here. The more I see you get noticed the more I'll think about you becoming famous."
  • "No I am not a second account person. Now please don't waste your time."
  • "I'm a girl that doesn't like Italy. I know you torture people. And I was wondering what made you think I was a girl. But never"
  • "What makes you think I'm a girl. And Bunnies I don't have an account besides this on GTQ I just read what you people write. I got bo"
  • Famous People on here.
    "I'm talking about famous for her creativity for the soap operas (Vege) SiSi is better being a GTQ DJ."
  • "You are famous for many reasons on GTQ."

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