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  • April...
    "I wanted to say I feel horrible in Spanish... I thought I did"
  • April...
  • April...
    "That sounds quite apetizing xD jk"
  • April...
    "@Nuna: Eventually"
  • April...
    "@Nuna: Me siento horrible :("
  • "I am a noob and I know what it means. Don't call Nuna a noob you b----!"
  • April...
    "@April: Sorry :( I'll just be on my way, then"
  • "@April: Okay"
  • "1) Your smile 2) Your laugh 3) Your eyes 4) Your sense of humor 5) Your loyalty 6) The way you showered m"
  • April...
    "I guess you arent on. If anyone comes on could you please bump this for her to read?"
  • April...
    "I heard what happened.... Just about the suicide attempt then I went through a lot of post to find out exatly what happened. Im sorry. I sho..."
  • Chris...
    "*kisses you back*"
  • Chris...
    "Well it was half and half. Some of wht you did shouldn't have been done but if Stella hadnt have been so rude about it, it wouldnt be such a..."
  • Chris...
    "What is it, sweetie?"
  • Chris...
    "*holds your hand* I wish I could physically hold it"

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