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  • "Honestly I want someone whose easy to talk to, who can understand that sometimes I have bad days and it’s not their fault. Someone who won’t"
  • MH Clutter
    "One important facet of this plot is that the players know their characters are monsters. It wouldn’t work to pull that rug out from under th"
  • Descendants: our turn.
    "( stealing is super common on the isle. ) Marie was ready to walk away...when she noticed Alison shaking. “ my mother’s is the t"
  • My Realm
  • My factfile.
    "Name : Lillian S.Vallae Nicknames: Story-Teller, Lillie. Age: 16 Gender: female Species:human ( has a quirk) "
  • Disciples
    "Can I still be your disciple?"
  • Team S P O T
    "I really like the side profile , so I’ll likely do a side profile as well. However, my hair is not that long, even if I wish it would "
  • My factfile.
    "Name: Lillie Nicknames: Lillie. Age: timeless Gender female Species: goddess of storytelling, dreams, nature, and"
  • Appreciation thread
    "I appreciate chocolate. It can be sweet, bitter, salty, spicy. It’s just?? I love chocolate. I want to try chocolate an"
  • Appreciation thread
    "I appreciate Celtic music. It’s so happy, and fast and pretty, and I always feel calm after listening to it, even on days when I would like "
  • Team S P O T
    "It’s just a place holder image until tomorrow, when I can draw my own picture."
  • Team S P O T
    "This one it is"
  • Team S P O T

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