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  • black eyed peas
  • "Nothing. You?"
  • Soap!
    "(Kai. Byyyeee)"
  • "Yeah. An oc of mine. :P"
  • Soap!
    ""Ultra Twister." I smirked."
  • "Just kne more won't kill ou. xP I WANT A PILLOW PET"
  • _
    "Ugh. That's dumb."
  • Soap!
    ""Well you kiss me. Does that mean you don't love me?" I asked weakly."
  • _
    "Why couldn't she do it herself?"
  • Soap!
    "I smiled. It quickly went away as soon as a thought came to mind. "But, yesterday at lunch.. I saw her kiss you..." I said."
  • _
    "I hate that. I woulda slapped her."
  • Soap!
    ""You think so?" I looked up. (xD. Sowwie. :p)"
  • _
    "Nothing really. Just being cold and being lazy. You?"
  • Soap!
    ""Yes I am.." I said. "Shes just so awesome and I'm just.." I sighed. "Me.""
  • _
    "We all are. :)"

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