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  • "Now, if we could just find mom and make her drink the memory s---, everything would be golden. Levian: Golden? Kyle's kingdom"
  • Ohmygod.
    "Twisted: Oh? *laughs, ruffling his hair* Well, okay, I'll stop trying. I don't want to be like that.. Reminds me, do you have a girl in your..."
  • Ohmygod.
    "Twisted: Am I? Well, that's too bad. I'll smother you some more. :P *more snuggles* *but does put him down* ~ "
  • Ohmygod.
    "Twisted: I'm proud of you, son. *snuggles him lovingly* ~ *all teary-eyed* I didn't mean to lea"
  • Ohmygod.
    "I'm so dumb.. Axel: You left her? ;;w;; I like her! She's nice, and pretty, and she even made something cool.."
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