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  • The Binary Dimension
    "So you’re no longer talking with Dean. Wonderful. He isn’t even on anymore."
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "Curo: Bound until death? Hell no, b**tches!!! Don: *starts dying* Devin: Oh my god. Listen, mate!! You’re f**king "
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "Now they think I’m upset. I’ve told them, nothing’s wrong They don’t believe me"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Lem nodded. “Of course. Fire, Time travel and gambling. Each of you stands for something and I need a idea of what to do. What you would lik"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Lem narrowed xeir eyes. “The use? Well, Dream isn’t the kind of person we’d want in control of a peaceful Manberg, correct? So everything th"
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "My cat keeps laying by ,y side and purring. She loves me."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Lem laughed slightly psychoticly. “Oh, well, some were saying that after the festival, people saw George and Dream together. Apparently, Dre"
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "I am officially colorblind. Fun…."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Lem chuckled. “Well, I was gonna go to Manberg to see what Gold was doing and maybe see if the rumors I’ve heard are true. But I’d choose we"
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "The most exhausting day this month My leg kept cramping up"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Karl led both Sapnap and Quackity outside the palace and sighed. He glanced around, nervous about the Ender and the people in Kinoko. "
  • Fire in the Dark
    "Last night I broke down. They needed to re-re-reconvince me that I am special and useful I started crying because they called "
  • Peculiar Happenings
    "lol That’s always true. People always get eaten and die. The only one the goes semi well on the island is Fallen Kingdom. Dominion tak"
  • Peculiar Happenings
    "Happy Birthday!! And just wanna tell you, Jurassic Park, the first three are need to watch movies if you’re trying to watch the"
  • My Friend's Safe Space
    "Floris Flag Day….. Basically a fair I do not have good memories of fairs I’m already nauseous this mo"

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