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  • Back off.
    "You aren't welcome here. Adam: Oh, why not? You damn Jape Vipers are such a D-R-A-G! And you are down right insan"
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  • With them all gone..
    "*smiles, standing* What language for such a beautiful woman. I'm rather surprised you believe you could squeeze our plans out"
  • Kinda wanna soap
    "(Lol it's okay, I mess up all of the time) Elliot didn't recognize any of the scents the angel was listing. He wasn't too fam"
  • With them all gone..
    "*glances over, narrowing eyes* How impolite for you to not knock. I wasn't aware that visitors were allowed to so rudely burs"
  • With them all gone..
    "The realm is practically ours. We can, perhaps, start getting our forces together again. *nibbling on thumb nail* *le"
  • sighs
    "No one likes you Dark. Let us f--- you instead. owo *ignores pinecone because omg a chance to get at the teenager*"
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  • Oh?
    "Naomi: =w= Mmhm. Sure it isn't. *pause* *then* You're a really big wolf! Nothing. *stares down at Erwin* "
  • One Night
    "(Dark here) Rowan cried into the pillow for a while until she realized she was suffocating herself. She flung it away, hiding"
  • Oh?
    "Naomi: ..What's a sex toy, daddy? *eye twitch* Kyle, you never said he was.. *siiiiiiiiiigh*"
  • "Dark: Kristine you're bonding with people I'm so proud.;A;"
  • Oh?
    "*wide, wide eyes* o^o I want him now. *sets her down, vines disappearing* Naomi: *runs over to "
    "I don't ship Lucy and Erza as much as I ship Natsu and Lucy. But you gotta admit, fire and ice is adorable when they mix."

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