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  • "Luscious: *shakes head* Nothing. *ignores Taylor, smiling* Good. Let's get to work. *opens a po"
  • "Luscious: Mm, it's not as bad as it seems. But it does take.. A lot of energy. *sad expression* A bit too much.. We, uh-- Nevermind. "
  • "Luscious: Mm.. That's not how we're going to do it. You'll see, when the time comes. We just need help moving the vials from the basement to..."
  • "Retrieving memories is an important task. I've stored them in vials. If a vial were to break, their memories would be gone forever. "
  • "I'd ask him to come, but knowing him, he would find a way to mess up the whole operation. *waiting patiently, Luscious and T "
  • Oh, so exciting~!
    "..Oh? Are you implying something? Don't be so hard on me, Heph. Surely you would know the feelings of a doctor."
  • Oh, so exciting~!
    "Oh, please. It's a female scientist. I'd love to get cut up by her any day~ Vacuum salesman? Why would I care about th"
  • Oh, so exciting~!
    "I'm a test subject now.. Hehehe.. I wonder how it will feel, being on the receiving end of pain. What do you all think?"
  • "^I'll have you know that he does want to f--- me but I won't let him."
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  • "Ohh, a girl.. What do you want, girl?"
  • Meet My OCs
    "I can assure you, my name isn't Juan. You wish."
  • Hehe~
    "Oh, like I care. *waves a hand* *irritated* We picked up Cat and her daughter Naomi. We're going to bre"

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