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  • C4n 50m30n3 h31p
    "Y0u 1mp0573r, c0py1n9 fr09 5p33ch 😠"
  • The eggy alts
  • Well frick
    "So I've had this crush on a trans dude at my school since before they told me about being a boy and now I won't even get to admire them from..."
  • Chelsea's Cafe~
    "Hello I'm egg and welcome to our secret internet cult"
  • I don't think
    "0m9 4c'5 8f, 1'm 48501u71y dum857ruck 8y y0ur b34u7y p15 83 m1n3"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "H0w d0 y0u kn0w 1f 1'm 4 80y"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "1'm 4nc13n7 (It's a joke don't take it to seriously guys, and technically it's the only official writing of the frog language s"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "5h3 15 7h3 0n3 wh0 4ccu53d m3 0f n07 kn0w1n9 411 fr09 wh3n 1 1nv3n73d 7h3 14n9u493"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "7h3r35 0n1y 0n3 14n9u493 0f fr095, 1'd kn0w 83773r 7h4n y0u 0bv1051y, 1'm 7h3 fr09 n07 y0u"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "Y0U 08v1051y d1dn'7 kn0w fr09 83f0r3 dr490n >:("
  • Deathbringer's Den
    "H0W'R3 y0u"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "9 45 G 15 7h3 w4y 0f 7h3 fr09"
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "Dr490n, 17'5 h1l4r105 h0w y0u r3fu54 70 83 4 fr09 y37 y0u u53 fr09 14n9u493"
  • ~ The Flower Patch ~
  • W4nn4 j01n my 74m1ly
    "i'11 k1ll y0ur c47 814ck c477777 n07 r3411y 7h0u9h"

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