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  • "Listen up!! I understand that we all might be going through a hard time but killing yourself is going way to far! I'm sick of hearing…"

  • "Please don't die. I might not know u but I still care. Don't give up hope. Dieing isn't worth it. Always keep a smile on face and be…"

    In response to blueoranges:

    "Aye, I wanna die cuz my gf/bff won't talk to…"

  • "You really need to stop with all this negative attitude. It's bringing others down. I understand your going through a hard time but…"

    In response to Lola_Rose:

    "@33iZZy18 committing suicide may seem cowardly to…"

  • "I might not know you but I still care about you. Dieing isn't going to solve anything. TBH it's gonna make everything worse. I want…"

    In response to tryordie:

    "Hey.. Don't listen to what other "happy" people…"

  • "I understand what you're going through. I've tried suicide and realized that it wasn't worth it. I have so much to live for. There…"

    In response to AshtonG6:

    "I got 0%, but recently I really have been…"

  • "I might not know any of you but I still care. Suicide isn't a joke. I understand what you guys are going through but you can't let it…"

    In response to LIARSEVERYWHERE:

    "Everybody spews the same cliche drivel "You…"

  • "I don't even know you yet I'm still crying because you're so young and don't understand life. Yet you take it away. Some people…"

    In response to Agon:

    "I really don't know what to say. I can't put…"

  • "Your not a mistake. Your unique and special in your own way. We all have flaws but that's what makes us who we are. My friends always…"

    In response to Saflower:

    "I could say I have the cheese touch, in a way...…"

  • "I was reading through the comments and what I read is heart breaking. I understand that alot of us is going through a hard time right…"

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  • "Wow... rude much!? Like seriously..no one cares what you like or not. You have no right to say stuff like that about peoples…"

    In response to Kate893343:

    "Well, this quiz is boring af... i like the one at…"