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  • Heph's thread
    "Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that. He sent me with Matthew, but then I ended up with this cute girl named Himi! So I haven't seen them ..."
  • "Oh? You're curious? Allow me to explain! So, a djinn is a being of pure psynergy! We come in four kinds- Venus, like me!, Jupiter, Ma"
  • Heph's thread
    "Oh, man. That was a crazy misunderstanding. Simoom: Lighthouses? Ooh. The shiny things?"
  • "Yes, my name's Flint. It's nice to meet you, Belphegor. Wow, we don't see beings like you in Weyard!"
  • "Oh, bye friend! Hello owo"
  • "... Yes, I suppose!"
  • Heph's thread
    "Simoom: Felix.. never heard of you. I'm Simoom. You might of heard of him if you didn't want off to the middle of a deserted i"
  • "[No offense but your parents are trash and I want to eat them.] [Snek] Rock! Flint is a kind of rock!"
  • Heph's thread
    "Oh no- the earth is flat, we're all going to die! Simoom: *appears, floating above Felix's shoulder, tail swishing, bef"
  • "[Noa is b a d ] [I know you do. That's why I'm online rn and so is Effie on gtq ♡ Stay safe, whatever you do, okay?] "
  • Heph's thread
    "Alex?! The protagonist?! Is the world upside down suddenly?"
  • Heph's thread
    "Ah, there's that protagonist charm!"
  • Heph's thread
    "Oh! Felix! It's good to see you! You look exactly the same, wow!"
  • "I know some water djinn too! Oh, that's what I am by the way, I'm a djinn! I'm Flint- [🤔 I don't think that matches the lore]"
  • "What's your favorite element, then? Wait, I got it- it's water, right?"

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