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  • Dodge vs. Ford vs. Chevy?
    "Dodge: Definitely the Charger. I love how it looks, how it runs.. A real beauty. Most of the other Dodge m..."
  • Account Checking
  • "I got nothing of the sort. However, it's fine, I can do a request on the spot.. *smiles* What does your mistress n"
  • "*blinks, pushing back from the desk* *intense stare* Yes..? Who might you be?"
  • "*sighs, leaning back into chair* *spins it* I sure wish we had some back up. Miles: You're the best forger! "
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  • Over a thousand swords!?
    "You're pushing it, you know.. Shadow: I'm sure we'll need them. I mean, who knows how many people are going to attack? Plus, "
  • Well, I can do it!
    "(Any one person can jump in.) She didn't say who exactly had to do the job. June: Brother, you're not a warrio"
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  • The struggles.
    "I can't say it either"
  • The Storm
    "Dark: How is it ruuuuuuuude *grins*"
  • The Storm
    "Dark: ;w; B-but I was gonna use it to get to S-Sebby.. *whines* Yes you did."
  • S-STOP!
    "Wesley: *starts crying* T-That f---ing huuurts! Peter: *catches his chin, leaning down* *rough kiss* ~ "
  • The Storm
    "Dark: WAIT NO MARU GIVE IT BACK ;O; *scrambles over* :I *sits upon*"
  • The Storm
    "*pokes* Dark: *flings Ciel's ring at Felix* GET OFF OF MY MARU OW"

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