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    "Crabs were never meant to be eaten by man kind"
  • "Bro, i'm from 2012. This is a role play account, dude.)"
  • "Lol, i'm no newbie. You should probably shut up before you make a bigger fool of yourself.)"
  • i also have a confession
    "I agree! But I always just leave those pieces for the chickens since they ain't picky!"
  • "Lol, all this drama over an account basically no one cared about"
  • Otaku's Wonderland
    "(Lol, i'm gonna get some sleep. I'll probs be in this account tomorrow doh! ^-^)"
  • Good Evening, Master!`
    "That sounds fancy! I could help ya, y'know. Ma and pa raised me to be as polite as a pickle!"
  • Otaku's Wonderland
    "Uh... *Looks around* I dunno. Usually, on mah free time, I just sit in the fields and talk to the bugs who walk past me!"
  • Heph's thread
    "I ain't never caught a Rainbow Trout, but I could sure try!"
  • Otaku's Wonderland
    "I'd show you the rest, but they're at the state fair right now, so I can't. But w-what do you wanna do?"
  • Heph's thread
    "(Ah kay) Fish are delicious! My pa caught a large bass once!"
  • Good Evening, Master!`
    "Skills on what? You tryna' learn to be polite or somethin'?"
  • Otaku's Wonderland
    "Aw shucks! *blushes* In the pin next to here is my chickens! Duke, Omelette, Jetsy, Mable, and Julie!"
  • Otaku's Wonderland
    "*leans over the fence when we get there* The fat one is porky, the small one is picky, and the average one is steak fries!"
  • Good Evening, Master!`
    "Howdy! Whatcha' doin over there, pal? *Hops off a tree branch and brushes my skirt clean from dust*"

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