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  • "i think as long as you have names & phone numbers for most of the people coming, you're all set. maybe ask your friends not to bring any..."
  • "how many people are you looking to invite? are you able to guarantee they will be responsible? if they were to do anything unsavory, would y..."
  • The Abyss
    "I remember Nico being my favorite PJO character when I was younger"
  • Toyhouse Invite Codes
    "https://toyhou.se/ For those of you who don't know, Toyhouse is a character registr..."
  • "Alsooooo idk if this is useful, but I found a detailed (?) instruction manual on how to fix the Microsoft store if it's not letting you down..."
  • "What type of laptop do you have? Is it capable of downloading programs from the internet as opposed to the Microsoft Store? If yes, here's l..."
  • "Those are all very good picks! I think my favorite is You Didn't Know"
  • "I tried to take your quiz, but while scrolling through the questions, I realized I didn't know most of the answers... LMAO What ar..."
  • junos moth cavern
    "you're so right about the lack of dark mode! yet another thing we must riot for smh /j"
  • "even sex..."
  • thing
    "yeah... these are the only colors on the orange-yellow spectrum: orangered sienna chocolate saddlebrown darkgoldenrod..."
  • No Subject
    "if this had existed 10 years ago, 12 y/o me would have been an even worse menace lmao"
  • "honestly not sure, you did it right as far as I can see hello???"
  • "no * in the code"
  • No Subject
    "so many choices... except for orange and yellow lol"

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