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    "Welp I guess I'm dying tonight"
    "Credit to Jake"
  • ~Mafumafu~
    "I miss Oliver for some reason even though I only talked to him for like 2 days"
  • Ask me for relay advice
    "LOLLLL how do you know if he likes you (And How to keep your mom from finding out you have a crush on this trans boy named Oliv"
  • ~Mafumafu~
    "Half term...still don’t have Oliver’s number"
  • M U R D E R
    "Oh nu acrimony *shouts in ac’s ear* YOU STILL OWE ME MY SNAKE SOUP"
  • "And my friend calls me shuicheerios"
  • "Nagitoast is what I used to call my bestie but it is Ayato now XDD"
  • "If you follow him around too much you might end up like him...but its your choice if you feel like he is the right person then you can hang ..."
  • Tbh
    "Yo It’s Draco/Mika"
  • Genshin Impact
    "I only have 1 5 star my friend has 3 5star characters and 1 5star bow(for her Yoimiya )"
  • "Genshin Impact and I got 5 starrr finally And I also got my boy XingQiu(so adorable even tho he is 4 star)"
  • "Sebastian and Ciel = Mine Honey Senpai /Mitsukuni and Kaoru&Hikaru(twins) are also mine"
  • "Moua-Mafumafu x Soraru(After the Rain)"
  • ~Mafumafu~
    "My friend is getting bullied at school and I can’t do anything about it. What a pathetic useless human I am. She has being crying to m"

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