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  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*Easter took Wester's hand, a pleading expression on her face.* Then maybe you could come home! We could all be happy together, just like wh..."
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "At least I could let her and Nori know that you're alive, right? That would be a relief for them."
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*WESTER NOT ALEXEI)) *Easter nodded, laughing nervously.* I guess I just get my nerves from Prism. She's been worried sick abou"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*Easter hugger Alexei tightly* I-I know. I'm just...worried. That something could happen and I'd be powerless to stop it."
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "But where do we go then? This is the safest place to be, right?"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*holds Wester's face in her hands, studying his expression* Westy, I'm worried about you. What if someone is trying to trick you?"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "OKIE DOKE)) *frowns* Who do you think it was then?"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "Why not? What if it IS her?"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*flies out of her chair and rushes over to Wester, her eyes filled with concern* Wester, are you alright? You look...terrified."
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*muttering under her breath* I hope Wester comes back soon"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "It's a, uh... You know what? I'll just let these two explain."
  • "Hi, I'm Easter Emory! Now that we know each other, it's loophole time :)"
  • "NOOOOOOO I WANT YOUR SINGING VIDS 😭 You drive a hard bargain >:("
  • ">>:)"
  • "Darn. You can never get a decent conversation with that guy anymore. Always hustling and bustling around."

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