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  • 24h Thread
    "Hiiiiiiiiii! This is it!"
  • My official thread
    "Hello! 👋🏻"
  • The Adams Library
    "Oof yah. I met someone who talks like a baby, they’re little of course, but it’s a bit annoying. And then trying to talk like one, for me th"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "I have no idea! It’s so weird! X’D"
  • The Magicians
    "Raishen rolled his eyes and walked to his room. Suddenly he remembered the girl who had pushed past Masy, she seemed to be in a hurry. He sa..."
  • A Winters Journey
    "Yah! Of course!"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "I’m a little messy, like sometimes when I eat ice cream it gets on my forehead, so I don’t wear white clothes."
  • The Adams Library
    "I’m great! What about you?"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "I don’t have any white clothes. 😂"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Spice is on during the day?! First time for me. How are you?"
  • The Adams Library
    "Hi Spice! Your on during the day?"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Hey, I was telling them you didn’t like people blowing up your chat. But yes, I’m free for a chat."
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Yup, also Dragon doesn’t like people blowing up her thread, so I’d make your own quickly."
  • Come, and Join Me
    "If you made your own thread it’s be easier to talk to yourself, coming from someone who does it waaaaaay to often."
  • Winter Artic's TBH thread
    "I’m ElizabethAdams in case you get confused)) I think I’ve talked to you once and you were very friendly, it’s always nice to m"

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