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  • "Rosario: Any ideas..? No. Other than some kind of monster in those woods. Kyle'll have to make it to where no one goes into "
  • "Wayne: *frown* So then what's the problem? We can't get them to wake up. *shrugs* *turns back to him"
  • "Kenna: Well...It isn't my kid, and I'm not taking care of it. ._. I don't want it either. Carra: *whines, fl"
  • ..You're a little brat.
    "Roy: That has a name. *huffs, annoyed* *cuddles Kayla back* ... Yeah, don't think they're worried about what "
  • ..Rude much?
    "Grey: Of course you will, honey. *and picks her up* Nivera: Wait. Magic doesn't work up here, Ren. ... "
  • Just a tip, dear.
    "If you're going to sleep around, at least get on the pill. Elacie: Fine. Fine. Just..Promise me you wont tell anyone what yo"
  • Hm.. I like roses.
    "*hugs her tightly, disappearing, reappearing in his own room* *and then crawls into the bed, still holding her, pulling the covers u"
  • Hm.. I like roses.
    "*there* *pulls Grey off of Angel, slamming him into a wall, knocking him out like a boss* *moves, picking Angel up, handing "
  • "Travins: *loud sigh* Wellp. That's nice. I tried to tell you I wasn't that type of doctor, kid. Travins: I'm"
  • Idiots. :I
    "Andrew: ..Idiots. :I *haha, thread title* ... *sighs* I need to fine Nivera. b---- stole some"
  • Idiots. :I
    "Andrew: Not blade. Hands. Dumb girl. e.e' ... River: True. *there* *moves over, grabb"

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