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  • Heph's thread
    "Are you asking me to steal from Anise or design a similar doll for you?"
  • "Dist the Reaper/ Dr. Saphir Tales of the Abyss"
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: I'd send you some chocolate but they'd melt through mail."
  • "Heph: Mew. Mist: Daathic Fonic Artes. They override most defenses. My creation~ I gave a regu"
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: xD"
  • "Heph: I thought it was funny. *shrugs*"
  • Ha....
    "Heph: Bothering crazy people. You? I'm not crazy.:I"
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: Eww that's disgusting._."
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: Yummy~ owo They're disgusting. I can't stand them."
  • Ha....
    "What does 'lmao' mean? Heph: Noneya. Take a nap Dr. Saphir. ITS DIST MY GOD YOU'RE IGNORANT."
  • "Heph: Don't worry I did that earlier._."
  • "Heph: Hmph. Mist: If you say so. Hmm.."
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: finally someone agrees with me. My family loves the sweet ones. I can eat dill pickles all day~"
  • I want sugar
    "Heph: *devours pie* what flavor was it?"
  • Ha....
    "I will kill you all- *whacked with book, falls out of chair* Heph: I hit him!:3 e.e' Vicious "

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