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  • "You're right, this quiz is not real. It doesn't exist and neither do either of us."

    In response to Thingy:

    "Both answers were i do not exist. This quiz is…"

  • "Neither of us exist. It's basic science that for things to interact, they must be on the same plane of existence. I don't exist, and I'm…"

    In response to applecake123:

    "I exist. You do not. It is basic science that…"

  • "No you don't. If you did, you wouldn't be able to write this non-existent comment. Then, I wouldn't be able to read it with my…"

    In response to thisisabadquiz:

    "I exist"

  • "No one said you're a ghost. They said you don't exist. Which is true. You're a non-existent human, like me, taking a non-existent quiz…"

    In response to otty:

    "im right here im not a frigging ghost im a dam…"

  • "Don't be so tough on yourself. No one else here exists either. If you suddenly find out that no one, including you, exists, nothing…"

    In response to AlyssaMissa10:

    "Well I already have issues with self confidence…"

  • "Finally, I convinced someone else that I don't exist. Not I just have to convince people that they don't exist either!"

  • "The comment doesn't exist either. And neither does this reply. The quiz also doesn't exist. Since we're all on the same plane of…"

    In response to dogsbuddy:

    "I exist!!!!! How could I make this comment!!!!!"