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  • The time is approaching.
    "*hums, getting spoonful of tea* Ahhh. An information hunter.. What is your name? Mine is Deern."
  • The time is approaching.
    "You act as if you weren't just listening to us. *stands, picking up tea and spoon* *moves to sit across from her, pointin"
  • The time is approaching.
    "Host: *sets cup down, stretching* I'm gonna go to the bathroom. You enjoy that tea. *stands, leaving* *as soon as he's gone, in"
  • The time is approaching.
    "*both are seated at a table in a cafe* *drinking tea from spoon instead of cup* We must pick a side.. Whoever loses will "
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  • I couldn't agree less.
    "*jumps because of the new people* *stares, hand over heart* ..Looks like our party is getting bigger.. "
  • I couldn't agree less.
    "But, that's not our choice to make. Twisted: Tch. *scowls* Whatever.. Dairi: Would you two stop whining? We ha"
  • "*blocks, scowling* I do not care who he has.. You aren't-- *loud noise because the castle doors are being push"
  • "*outside of the castle, scolding June* *head snaps up* ..Young master-- *unsheathes sword upon seeing "
    "Dark: yes, and it's because *shuts trap* watch"
  • Mm.
    "..What an odd thing to say.. You must not be a human."
  • "(so now, fun fact time! This is a list of some of the people that were involved in the Light thing that Caine and Rosette were in, th"
  • Mm.
    "Unfortunate.. I apologize for that. I wasn't made to convey my emotions well, I was made to protect the young master. Well, I've certainly g..."
  • Mm.

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