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  • The Rose Garden
    "Have I proven my point, lassie?"
  • I need a hug..
    "I'd hug ye, Hooman. Yer sweet."
  • The Rose Garden
  • Oi!
    "That shouldn't stop ye! Everything takes practice. If a wee little baby said that it wasn't good at anything and didn't work on things, why,..."
  • Oi!
    "Have ye ever made music before?"
  • Oi!
    "Music is a very lovely thing, I agree with ye. And fire is beautiful, ye can bask in its warmth and enjoy its beauty, so long as ye don't to..."
  • Oi!
    "Alright then, just think about non-people things. Can ye think of any?"
  • Oi!
    "Ye can change yer mindset. I know ye might oppose the idea, but I want ye to name five good things or people. Who or what would they be?"
  • Oi!
    "Ye can't change yer folks, sadly. But ye can change the hate and sadness ye feel in yer heart."
  • Oi!
    "Then what are ye gonna do?"
  • Good
    "Good night, laddie! I wouldn't call myself a pretty little thing, but thank ye kindly."
  • Oi!
    "Do ye think they'll listen to ye if ye tell them that ye aren't happy?"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Sweetie, death is not the answer. People love ye and suicide doesn't get rid of the pain, it gives it ter someone else. Don't give up."
  • Oi!
    "Do ye think they love ye?"
  • Oi!
    "Now that just ain't right. Who'd yell at ye?"

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