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  • ยน
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "*un-turns Mario into a ghost and sits on him*"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "*kills Mario*"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "*kills everyone on site and leaves*"
  • Luigi?
    "I sense a strong, dark power... I must make it my own!"
  • Luigi?
    "I've had enough of this! I'll destroy you all!"
  • Luigi?
    "Raaaaaaagh! *tries to stomp Tails*"
  • Luigi?
    "[Wft?] *breathes fire on the kingdom*"
  • Luigi?
    "Eggman, you take care of the Mario's and I'll get Sonic!"
  • Luigi?
    "You don't deserve to live! *grows giant and stomps the Mario Bros.*"
  • Luigi?
    "Stop stomping my goombas, you idiots! I don't have the Princess!"
  • Goomba Shoe Town
    "*grows giant with Dark Star energy. Smashes Mario* There!"
  • Goomba Shoe Town
    "Let me see that stupid Mario Brother."
  • Goomba Shoe Town
    "What the Koop is going on out here?"
  • The Boy from Nibelheim
    "*takes over Mushroomland*"

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