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  • whose weirder?
    "Gaga!!! She's freaky!!!!"
  • "Fufe123 I like that song! Lol"
  • "Ok so I was on YouTube and I came across this amazing singing group. Their name is cimorelli. They are 6 sisters that sing together and I th..."
  • "Idk I'm bored but I like who says by selena Gomez the best right now."
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh??
    "Ahh I mean abercrombie sandals ugh!! Lol sorrry!!"
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh??
    "I mean asandals not 'asandals' lol I stink at typing lol"
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh??
    "Lol thanks!!! But I can't find a giant hamperball anywhere!! So far all I got her is: iTunes giftcard, glow In the dark nail polish, this bo..."
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh??
    "Well... My bffs bday Is tomorrow and idk what to get her.... Well she sorta acts like me crazy, funny, outgoing, random... Yeah.. She isn't ..."
  • Scary! The dentist :s
    "^^^ haha I did that and they were like: SHUT UP AHHHH!!! lol"
  • Scary! The dentist :s
    "Woops I ment to say lol not loon :D sorry for my bad typing skills haha!!"
  • Scary! The dentist :s
    "Omg ok, so I have to miss school tomorrow to go to the dentist! :( it's so boring their and they "ask" me for a balloon at the end and I'm l..."
  • What Are You Thinking Of?
    "Idk this is random... But sock monkeys!! Lol (idk!)"
  • Are you pretty or ugly?
    "Hey! You should come take my quiz! It's one of the newest quizzes called: are you pretty or ugly? :) thanks!"
  • What are you wearing?
  • "[no urls]"

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