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  • Anybody here?
    "This week was my second week. I have today and Monday off. I need to go. Bye!"
  • What Do You Look Like?
    "What I look like: 1.Straight red hair,that is about two inches above my waist 2.Brown eyes 3.Fair skin 4.Some fr"
  • Anybody here?
    "Okay. =)"
  • Hate List
    "12.People who could care less about animals dieing 13.Labels 14.Travling 15.Waking up early"
  • "American Idiot-Green Day"
  • Anybody here?
    "Bye Sisi. Wow,I'm super bored. Nothing to do at 9:21 A.M"
  • Hate List
    "Did you know rap IS NOT music? 8.People who expect others to worship them 9.My eneimies 10.People who can't shu"
  • "Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day"
  • Anybody here?
    "That's awesome,Sisi!"
  • Hate List
    "6.Animal abusers 7.The rumor about 2012"
  • Hate List
    "1.People who copy 2.People who are annoying 3.People who judge a book by it's cover 4.TWILIGHT 5.Hannah Montanna"
  • Anybody here?
    "To Sisi:My mom told me it was fine,she helped me bake ages 4-6. The first thing I cooked was cupcakes."
  • "Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day"
  • Anybody here?
    "It is. I baked ever since I was 4!"
  • Anybody here?
    "I'm pretty creative. I also bake."

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