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  • Roleplaying with my alts!
    "*sighs* Peasants, mortals, and citizens of the land of idiocy. I won't hang around here for long."
  • Kiss, Kill, Marry
    "Even if it is belittling to be kissed by a mortal, it is preferable to the other outcomes. However, I am always prepared to fight."
  • Council of the gods
    "Uh huh. And I'm the president."
  • Council of the gods
    "*raises eyebrows at Beast* Did you REALLY?"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "And now "SprinkledSpice", as the delusional child likes to call herself, has made this account in which I can speak to others."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "It's so disrespectful to immortals that they only go as far back as 1910. I'll have you know that I'm displeased with this system."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "When you say "made"..."
  • "This pleases me."

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