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  • "TESTICLES. I actually don't know what that means, I just heard it before so..."
  • Steven Universe group rp
    "Opal heard moonstone and slapped crystal."
  • The Sisters
    "They were suddenly in front of the building. The door was locked. Pixie yawned and kicked the door down, which led to some abandoned place."
  • Steven Universe group rp
    "Hey, are you laughing in real life like I am CD licked her arm! Lol) Opal burped in crystal's face."
  • The Sisters
    ""Never heard of it." Pixie said. (Late post)"
  • The Sisters
    "Puppet say yes, I got something funny planned!)"
  • The Sisters
    ""You mean that striped cat that can smile surprisingly cause no other cat smiles?" Pixie asked aki."
  • Steven Universe group rp
    "Opal licked crystal's arm."
  • The Sisters
    "Pixie let go and ran on her own. "I think I can run, thank you very much!""
  • Steven Universe group rp
    "Opal went out of her gem and walked over to crystal. "WAKE UP!" She screamed in Crystal's ear!"
  • The Sisters
    "Pixie got off her back. "We can stop running now, I think we're PAST our destination." Pixie pointed to a big building behind them, "how did..."
  • Deiln : Fiona ?
    "Fiona:you can choose *pokes* *smiles*"
  • Steven Universe group rp
    "Opal closed her eyes and started murmuring, "Bendiciones bendijo. Agraciado . El amor y la esperanza.""
  • The Sisters
    "Pixie ran faster than music moving through metal! But she accidentally fell in a hole. "AGH!" Pixie held on to the edge and tried to pull he..."
  • "MARCEY!!"

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